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2020 GT500 5.2L Oil-Separator Released


Ford Performance just released an oil to air separator for the new 2020 GT500 – FP part number - M-6766-A52. List is $489

The interesting thing is that they also work with the 2011-2017 5.0L and 2015-2019 5.2L engines. Also interesting is that there is an oil drain back into the RH coil cover of the engine. Seems like they dropped the drives side unit.

But to install these on the older 5.0L and 5.2l engines, you will need new Aluminum Cam Covers that have the drain back port.


FP part number - M-6067-M52S. List is $255

Interesting description:

All production camshaft covers include foil tape along the cylinder head mating surface which offer limited protection from exhaust manifold heat; these aluminum camshaft covers allow much greater heat dissipation and protection from exhaust manifold heat
Aluminum covers can also be powder coated to customize your vehicle
Yikes that's expensive but I'm sure it's a nice fit. Probably not a lot of room under the hood with the blower.



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I don’t want blow by oil back in my engine anyway. Drainback must be required to keep it emissions compliant. I bet the hot ticket will be to plug the port and drain the Separator through a drain cock at the discharge.

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The only advantage here is that you don't have to remove the collected oil yourself since it drains back in, right? Originally being a BMW guy I've seen some convoluted systems they have built into stock engines for collecting oil and draining it back in, but they've been so failure prone to vacuum leaks and sludge build up. Being able to simple unscrew and dump the blow-by oil from a separator canister on the GT350 was such a welcome change that I'd be hesitant to spend more money on something like this just so I don't have to dump the oil myself.
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