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2020 GT500 for Sticker


Spending my pension on car parts and track fees.
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Then you should Bank on installing one, my friend!

Harnesses are already at the house. The Bar will likely be under the Christmas tree. I will need another rear seat delete from Watson along with the bar. I don't want to cut up the original.

Does NASA list approved, recommended locations to dyno a cart? Something in Mizzipi or Alablama
Possible yes. At this point, difficult to find.

I put my name on the list at my dealer over 2.5 years ago, am a repeat customer, and still wasn't first on the list. But I have my order in and am expecting my car early next year.

They are selling all of theirs with no ADM, dealer policy to never charge an ADM and they sell most of their cars at a discount (GT500 excluded). With the others here, at this point you may be looking at future years or be prepared to make lots of phone calls. Now that the reviews are so positive and almost universal acclaim I think it's gonna be even tougher. But the hype will slow down.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska

Go to and drop down to the gray band that starts with Forms, Rules, etc. The trick is what you are looking for to assess your Class and get it a Dyno on the car is not under Forms, but under Rules. Once you open this area scroll way down and there is one small area denoting Time Trials right in the midst of all the Racing Groups. There you will find a form for the Dyno and the notation that a Dynojet system must be used. There is also a form to figure what Class the car will be in and it is quite handy as it will figure all the math for you based on weight , your average RWHP, etc. in determining your Class - sure it will come out as TT2. Good luck and great you are getting a bar , as the attached harness system is worth a minimum of 1 second on the track -- legitimate remark not an attempt at a funny comment.

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