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S550 2020 Mustang GT 6MT Track/Drift/Drag/Daily Build Build Thread Profile - S550 Mustangs


TMO Beginner
Torrance, CA
W2W Racing
10-20 Years
This is the Build Thread for 2020 Mustang GT 6MT Track/Drift/Drag/Daily Build. Reply below.

doing a full build video series taking the vehicle from bone stock to modified doing 1 video per mod

Currently owned parts (not installed)
Ohlins road & track coil overs
BMR sway bar and links
Bmr Adjustable rear camber and toe arms
Steeda front upper camber strut tops
Hellion street sleeper turbo kit
Radium e85 fuel system (1000rwhp rated)

What I have done so far is goto Streets of Willow CW and set a best laptime of 1:31.89
with bald rear tires (I know I failed)

I am going back to Streets of Willow for the speed ventures on October 31st to set a new track time with the HRE wheels and Toyo r88r tires

After that gonna do Sway bars and just do 1 part at a time to see what the total gain from everything the last thing I install will be the turbo kit as I want power to be the last thing I do.

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