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2020 Mustang GT500 Debut?

Looks like the guessing game is on. :D

Here's mine:
An even 750 HP with a devilish 666 FT LB of torque.
3820 lbs
0-60 in 3.2 seconds (launch control aided)
1/4 mile in 10.9 seconds at 128 mph
MSRP of $74,999 base
ADM? We'll see some SFD ask $100,000 over.
Tires 315 up front and 325 out back
Trans: 10 sp auto (but I really don't have a clue)

Will there be a KR? Yes!
Will there be a drag pack option? Yes!
I thought for sure during all those silly Demon teasers that FCA put out that the car was going to be AWD. We didn’t know anything about it- but we knew it came stock with drag radials on all four corners. The more I thought about it- the more sense it made.
I bet Ford won’t do that- it’ll be another boring GT with stripes and a big heavy hot supercharger bolted to an engine they already make.

The GT350 will be the better car just as the Boss 302 was the superior vehicle to my GT500.

I didn’t buy a Boss because I wanted to be different with my attempt at building the best handling solid axle Mustang possible. I’d never see myself buying this new GT500. If I want a straight line muscle car I’m going for a Hellcat red eye. The latest mustangs just look too much like Aston Martins too. They’re GTs now- not really muscle cars. That’s a good thing-and I hope they sell a ton- but for me I’d rather a gt350 than a gt509 unless the really surprise me.
My guess is they're not going to reveal everything on the first model year. Remember the last GT500 went from 500HP to 662HP over the 7 year run. If AWD is going to be a platform option, then they'll likely sell everyone a 2WD version for the first couple years, then make them buy the AWD version a few years later.

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