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2022 Fast Ford & Mustang Roundup XII by Motorsport Park Hastings, Sept 16-18, Hastings, NE

I am making a personal commitment to myself to go next year. The plan is to have something better for towing than the 1983 F-100 I am currently using for local AutoX events.

Then again, in the dark this morning, I nailed a big aluminum ladder in the road with my 2014 Focus. Busted the oil filter, which I didn't catch for several miles down the road pulling into work. So might be replacing that one, too. Hoping a new oil filter fixes it and nothing else bad happens.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Great place to learn plenty about your car, as there are so many drivers there with experience in Mustangs one can learn an incredible amount over the course of the event, especially since everyone is so like minded.
Justin Burch was out this morning and took a bunch of amazing photos, didn't get to speak with him but the photos are below. New track was great, 3-5 seconds faster for most and minimal wear on tires. I am defiantly going to appreciate not scrubbing for hours trying to get the rubber marks off the front, hood, and windshield of my car. Just some 100+ MPH bug plasters to clean off.




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