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302S Brake Booster M-2005-R

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Is anyone using the FR Brake Booster that is stock on the 302S & 302R? This is a spendy part at about $3,400 and am wondering if it is worth the cost. Here are a few details Ford Racing provides:

Specific race valving for lightweight vehicles with race tires
Provides enhanced feed back at high speeds
Reduced assist by 30% compared to production Mustang GT brake booster
Revised pedal modulation for more gradual braking and less initial bite at initial travel

I am surprised by the first statement of "lightweight" as I do not think of the Boss as lightweight. Has anyone tried this that can offer some feedback?
You are probably right that the S & R are much lighter than the Boss. That makes me question if this booster will be less effective on the Boss than it is on the S or R. The guys at Rehagen Racing and also my guy at Tousley Ford is recommending this mod.
The 302R is right at 3,200 pounds and I can't imagine the 302S being a lot lighter. They add weight to the cars as dictated by their racing organizations to slow them down. If Rehagan is recommending the booster and you feel you need it I wouldn't give it a second thought. Let us know how it works for you.


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No way do you need to spend $3400 on the brake booster. Invest in full race Brembo calipers and rotors if you are looking for better braking performance. Our cars are heavy at 3500+ lbs and you could probably get down to 3200 like Rick said by gutting the interior and A/C etc. Still a heavy car. I have been pulling -1.17 g with peaks over -1.20 on slicks and can modulate and trail the brakes fine without engaging the ABS heavily. Just don't think it is the best money to spend to improve lap time.
I hear you that our cars are heavy. I keep adding mods and rarely find ways to pull weight out. Easy to add, tough to remove. Despite low street time and mostly track, I can't justify pulling the AC or passenger seat. I need to find a scale and see where I am at.

The full Brembo Racing system would be nice but extremely spending at over $10k. I too have not had a problem with the ABS engaging, although part of that could be braking too early. Not sure of the Gs I am pulling and that would probably be good to know to see if I am frequently not using all the brakes will give me. Regardless, sounds like it will be tough to get enough out of the booster to justify the $3,400.


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I agree with Steve - that's a tall price for what it's worth. The full 302S/R brake system requires/includes that booster I believe, but I'm not so sure how much of a difference it would make with the stock calipers. I find the brakes to be more than adequate - as long as you are using the right pads/fluid and bleed the brakes regularly.
That is impressive that you are that light and hard to believe you could find another 49 pounds. Without creating a lot of work for you, do you have a list of the significant items you did to get to that?
It was easy; I bought an S and wrecked it. :eek:

But now that it’s all repaired, it’s back to the same weight. So I just installed a 2.5 lb. (saved 29 lbs.) battery and a new exhaust that saved me 47 lbs. Plus little items here and there, it all adds up.

I could lose about 20 lbs. going to Lexan and cut about 10 lbs. out of the doors. There’s more beyond that but that involves cutting some panels out. Not going there.

Here is a picture of the exhaust, I’m picking it up tomorrow and heading to NOLA Motorsports Park for the final AI race this year. Can’t wait to hear it. ;D!i=2190421035&k=cLNBHgs
I am envious of your S. The battery looks like an easy decision and I am going to look into that. The exhaust, not so easy. Will be curious to learn how you like the new sound and how that compares with the standard Boss. Good luck at NOLA!


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That exhaust looks great dude, been watching the various progress on your car on Vorshlag's page. They have some great write ups on the 2011 Mustang.
modernbeat said:
LS110 said:
I am envious of your S. The battery looks like an easy decision and I am going to look into that. The exhaust, not so easy. Will be curious to learn how you like the new sound and how that compares with the standard Boss. Good luck at NOLA!

Did a sound test with the intake and exhaust today. Passed the 50ft-95db test at WOT and sounded great.!i=2203852200&k=wjpG8x3
Who has tunes available for this so you don't get the CEL? Sorry about continuing the hijack :-[

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