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302s Tow Hooks

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Tulsa, OK
I just ordered a set of the 302s tow hooks and I'm curious how difficult the install will be. I have a friend who can weld the brackets on for me so that isn't a huge issue. The main thing I'm concerned about is having to cut slits in the front and rear bumpers. Do the hooks come with instructions that provide a cutting template? Or is there a template that is available somewhere? Eyeball method? :eek: I searched a little and couldn't find any definitive answers about the template but I know at least a few of you guys are using them so figured I would post here.




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My only advice is to use a cutoff wheel. Those high strength steel bumper supports kill saw blades and drill bits.
The hooks don't come with any instructions. I found a template on ford racings website for cutting the hole in the bumper though. I'm trying to figure out how to get the front beam off the car right now. I was gonna take it to a welder while I have the rest of the car in pieces. It seems to be stamped or something.


I had the dealer install mine--they had already installed 2, Cloud9 being one of the guinea pigs.
It took all day--dropped it off at 8, picked it up at 5. You don't want to know the labor bill.
But they're basically perfect. The cross bolt is close to the bumper, but far enough away so a wrench doesn't hit the bumper when tightening/loosening it.
Don't know how they know where to cut the bumper slot, but start small, and carefully expand to keep it centered.
Good luck.
I don't know if this helps for the newer cars.
Tulsa, OK
Thanks for posting up the template Zquez. I'm not sure what the differences are between the 05-09 bumpers and 10-14, so maybe the template will still come in handy? I'll just have to check it out. I talked to a local guy who installed them on his Shelby GT with no template and they look great. He just eyeballed it, measured, and cut. I may enlist him for some assistance.

You're right Drano, I don't even want to guess at what the labor bill was :eek: I'll just measure a million times before cutting and go slow. Pretty sure my ford dealer wouldn't even attempt this install. Glad to hear that they fit the car well.

Hooks should be in next week. They will be going to the powdercoater along with my roll bar. Hooks are going to be orange and bar will be white.
Tulsa, OK
OK so I finally finished up my tow hooks. I had the bracket welded to the bumper beams and I'm pretty sure the beam will break away from the car before the tow hook brackets will. The hooks are powder coated semi-gloss black and they match perfectly with my other matte/flack black accents on the car. I didn't use any templates (mainly because I couldn't find any and I wasn't even sure if the brackets were welded in the correct spots anyway) so I just decided to wing it and take the dremel to the bumpers. Overall, I'm very pleased with how they turned out. My cuts aren't very pretty for the rear hook but they are covered by the plate anyway. I also put on some black velcro to cover my mistakes and I don't think it looks too bad. On the front, I honestly think I welded the bracket on incorrectly, or I should say it's not in the same spot that I see on other cars. It's higher on the bumper but I think it turned out just fine. And if nothing else it makes me unique haha :) I used a little black velcro on the front as well. Basically they are functional and they aren't an eye sore so I'm happy.

You needed to cut the lip on the leading edge and weld it on angled down. It looks fine the way you did it though and should work just as well. I guess you decided against doing the hooks in orange?



Tulsa, OK
Ah I see where I went wrong now. Your hooks turned out well! Thanks for posting up a picture of yours. Yeah I decided to go with black on the hooks and keep the white/black theme going on the exterior.
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10-20 Years
Zquez said:
I don't know if this helps for the newer cars.

I just installed the 302s Bumper Bar and tow hook on a 2012. The template helped but is not accurate for 2012 Boss's. On my installation, the top of the hook slot was 3/4" down from the crease in the fascia:


Total 10lb weight saving (including the LS Splitter bracket and foam insert)
Black Boss said:
I just installed the 302s Bumper Bar and tow hook on a 2012.

Total 10lb weight saving (including the LS Splitter bracket and foam insert)

Nice! I almost bought one myself, but instead opted to make my own splitter mounts and just get the hook. All in all cost me 90 bucks and the weight added is minuscule. My new custom heat exchanger is another story... but it works!

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