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345/35/19 on stock wheel....?

I saw a post a while back about someone running a 345/35 tire on the rear with only the proper back spacing and width wheel. Can't find the post. (Don't think it was here. Think it was a GT.)
Got this wild hair up my butt about trying this with the stock wheel. Send it out to get widened to 11"-12". What ever it maybe and get the backspacing right. Anyone have any insight on this as I'll get one shot at it? ::)


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
345s are probably not going to be realistic if you intend to stay within the stock sheetmetal. I know the guys at Vorshlag ran 335 or 345 rear tire on their old race car, but that car had heavily modified rear fenders for clearance.

A 315 will fit on an 11" wide wheel great and fit the car perfectly with the right offset. I think +47 for an 11" wide wheel but not certain on that.
Thanks for the input. I was originally thinking 315s until I saw that post of someone who supposedly fit 345s with very minimal effort. Sounded fishy to me but decided to investigate and ask the pros hehe

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