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3M Paint defender Spray Film

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Any one seen or tried it? Its about $29 a can (2 can will do the leading edges and bumper on our cars)


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
No but I will probably try it soon. Another (cheaper) alternative is clear Plastidip, but I like the 3M name a lot more with respect to paint fade etc.

I have a clearbra on the front of the car but I lost the hood protection when I put the Tiger hood on. This seems like a good replacement.
Fordman9870 said:

Any one seen or tried it? Its about $29 a can (2 can will do the leading edges and bumper on our cars)

I haven't seen this but seems interesting. I see guys at the track that use something that looks like saran wrap or something and when track day is over they just peel it off. It looks like crap but does the job while on the track. That clear bra is difficult to install, screwed up a $369 kit on my GTR so I'm afraid to try it again? I will have something on their before my next track day though!


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
I would only have a clearbra professionally installed. This about doubles the price of the whole deal but you're guaranteed it's going to come out right, or the installer is going to do it over at their expense until it does.
I saw the stuff at the local AutoZone and grabbed a can before I even took delivery of the new car. Also saw Armorall has the same stuff in several differant colors. My car only has about 600 miles after a week of ownership but I'm scared to death to spray this majical ointment on my new prize, I'll try it on the Accord first and let everyone know the results...
Someone with a '12 Kona blue has used this. He sprayed on the clear one and it looked nice. It not as transparent at the clear bra but it was not completely obvious too. IMO it will look better on white and the yellows. I'll dig for the thread, it was somewhere on here or SVTp.


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My father just applied it to his car. Said it is absolutely critical to let it dry a very long time before getting it wet. He sprayed his....left it outside to sprinkled a little after about two hours of curing. He said he moved it into his garage before it rained steady....but the film turned cloudy where the water hit it. That went away with further curing but I think it left some dimples where the rain drops hit.

I'm going to try it before my next track day,

I, too, looked into the 3M spray but had some reservations to say the least.

Ended up going with the XPEL Ultimate clear film instead. You all are correct that it is pricey. And as mentioned, best to have an expericenced installer do the work. The XPEL film is crystal clear, and self healing which attracted me to the product. Have seen some 3M film that looks dull and at time cloudy.

I had the front bumper cover, hood, fenders, mirrors, A pillars, and roof done. With install it was a tad over $1,100.00. Again, not cheap. XPEL warranties their films for 10 years against fading, cracking, and peeling...but we will see. Been on the car for just over a month now and looks fantastic.

Will be watching this thread as I would like to see and hear others experience with the 3M spray.


Mustang owner since 84
I have 3m on hood, fenders, mirrors etc, and I have Xpel on pillars, roof, handles Night and day difference. If I wouldn't have already purchased the 3m the Xpel is the way to go. It doesn't get all scratched up looking and is much glossier.
I found this on TMS about the 3M Defender spray, by Junkman. You will find it on themustangsource under car care.

I was the one who used Plastidip clear and glossifier to make a temporary clear bra. As ugly as it is, I have some piece of mind, however I still can't say for sure if it is saving me any rock chips. But I put on 5 coats of clear and three coats of glossifier and it is pretty thick.

I was going to go with the 3M spray...but after reading up on it some I think ill be doing an XPEL or SunTek wrap. The amount of work hours that has to go into the spray VS the inconsistent results and having to replace it every year just seems a bit much. Good luck though.

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