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SN95 3V Swapped New Edge Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs

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So were you going to run the cage to the engine subframe where the K Member bolts to. If so i had the same thoughts.

This pic is test fitting the anti-intrusion bars. It's to keep the wheel from pushing in a crushing your feet. Definitely would add a bit more stiffness, especially if tied in near the k-memeber mounting point. Good thinking!

The talent you people have is absolutely mind blowing. I feel satisfied when I flush my brake system, install new brakes, change plugs, etc. I can't fathom the knowledge you guys have to actually build your own parts. Incredible. And I'm older and went to school when they still had shop class. My father was a 60 year autobody man with his own shop. I worked there a bit and did the mechanical stuff when cars needed engines pulled for frame work. I never could weld.... But you folks.... such talent.
Well, thanks man. Very cool! My dad also had an auto shop that I worked in. He was always this way and never afraid to cut me loose with the tools. I've been doing stuff like this since I was pretty young. But I appreciate the compliment!
And I did two years of Marine mechanics in vocational school almost a half century ago. Came in second place in State competition, just missed Nationals as a runner up. I still can't find my behind with both hands compared to you people. Hell, I couldn't hold your wrenches!!:)

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