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S197 40 Grit Design Build Thread Profile - S197 Mustangs

Hi all, I often get the question of "how did you build your splitter and how can I build my own composite parts?" By creating a prototype buck and pulling molds to layup fiberglass or carbon fiber parts anything is possible. It's difficult to express in words but the truth is, it is a relatively simple process. It does however require many, many hours of labor and patience if you want great results. I was going through my thousands of photos, trying to clean my phone up and I collected these in-process photos to share. While a splitter like this may be fairly complex, this process can be used on smaller parts on a more manageable scale. So here is a brief summary of the process:

1. Thumbs up for the camera
2. Start with a known quantity such as an existing part that has mounting provisions already if possible. in this case it was a 2012 Boss 302 splitter
3. Reinforce floppy parts, create basic shape from MDF
4. Use body filler to refine shape
5. Add additional thickness if needed
6. Sand details smooth
7. Add sculpting clay to close-off b-side and add draft to avoid die-lock
8. Finish sand in 120 grit before primer
9. Spray a generous coat of 2K or high build primer
10. Block sand 120 up to 1000 grit paper
11. Polish and wax using SC Johnson paste wax, then apply PVA mold release
12. apply layer of gell coat, brush application is fine
13. apply critical first fiberglass layer while gell coat is tacking up, removing all air pockets and voids by rolling or brushing out
14. Apply multiple layers of fiberglass using epoxy resin. I believe I used Blemm brand product for this
15. Pop mold off of prototype, flip over and layup material starting with waxing, polishing and PVA the mold. Lay up by hand or vacuum infuse. Plenty of YouTube videos out there to reference. Unfortunately, I didn't do such a great job of documenting that part of the process. Here is the first part out of the mold:
16. Protect exposed carbon with UV rated clearcoat or paint and enjoy!
front 2.jpg
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One of the cleanest and mean looking S197’s out there! I’ve followed along on IG for a while. Thanks for the high-level how to
Thanks Kevo_lo! Yeah definitely a high level summary but I figured if anyone was interested in doing some of this work they can reach out here with any questions I’d do my best to answer them. Cheers!

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