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40th MidAmerica-Team Shelby Event-Hallett Motor Circuit June 12-14

I am planning on running thursday and Friday and will be in RacePort 23/24 if any fellow Boss owners would like a place to sit in the shade and tell stories between sessions. Hope to see you there.
Tulsa, OK
I hear the new track surface is as sticky or better now than before the resurface. I'll be out there next week and can report back. Hopefully the heat doesn't kill us this year, but it usually does. Last year was brutal on Friday...


Owner / Lead Instructor / Driver Coach
A big bunch of the Track Guys guys (and gals) will be in Race Port 21/22, Wed - Saturday. Stop by to say "howdy"... And start praying for cool(er) than 2013 temps...

Jeff Lacina
Owner / Lead Instructor
Track Guys Performance Driving Events
Tulsa, OK
Some friends and I will have a few canopies set up over the by the stands at turn 4 (follow the infield road past the race shop and go left) on Friday if anyone makes their way out that far.
Tulsa, OK
Had a great time at the Shelby meet! Enjoyed getting to meet Ric and Robert, and seeing Brandon again. Ric your car looks great! Here are a few pictures my friend took while at the track...




If anyone wants to view his pictures from the entire event they are on his facebook page:

I only ran about 10 minutes on Friday morning until my clutch went out on me :-\ And to add insult to injury, I had a trailer-loading mishap and punch a small hole and crease in my front bumper. Not the greatest day at the track for me. But... the weather was great and there were a lot of cool mustangs being driven hard out on track so that was cool.

Here is a video from my first session in the race group. The vintage mustang that I'm following has a new coyote motor, modern suspension, big brakes, and 315 Rivals all around. This car was insanely quick and very fun to follow on track.


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