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5 hours 55 minutes

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I'm showing 5 hours and 55 minutes of logged in time. What are the rest of you showing? The time is shown towards the upper left of the screen.

I think I need to get a life. ;D
I'm showing over two days. :eek: But I tend to leave the page open and walk away for hours at a time. But my wife will tell you otherwise.
Hmmm, I guess I'm the big slacker out of bunch. I think I have a little over 4 hours.

I'm not sure how you guys find enough time without pissing off the wife. It takes me hours just to scan over all the boards that have even a tiny reference to the Boss. The same boards night after night. The sad part is that if information gets put on one board, I end up reading the same info on some other board. ;D

Oh well, I guess it's better than watching some of the crap on television. :)
Big Vito said:
12hours 19minutes.

Dean, I too end up reading the same thing over and also watch the same videos over

Yeah, but you do help others find a specific photo of a black LS :)
cloud9 said:
Fenderaddict2 said:
1 hour 21 minutes, but I practically just arrived.
Welcome to the site! Let's see some pics of that Kona Blue! :)

Here it is sitting at the dealer (last few shots) where it will stay till I return to town mid May.
What will be funny is a year from now .There will be a bunch more owners and on lookers .The increase of owners using there cars will result in a lot more topics and issues to talk about, Conversely the use hours will climb.
The way it is now ,we are most us just chomping at the bit just to get our cars.
Can’t wait!

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