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50th Anniversary GT verses BOSS 302 Which is more colectible?

Given there are 8000 BOSS 302 out there (4000/year) and there will be only 1964 50th Anniversary Limited Editions planed to be made. Which do you think will be the more collectible car and why?
Limited editions are just an excuse for dealers to add an ADM to the car's price. Since these will be rarer than the Boss, expect ADM's to be much higher. I would rather have a Boss than a limited edition '15 GT any day. But I'm sure there are those who will differ.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
I think some folks will be interested , but on terms of pure collectibilty I honestly do not think it will approach the value of the Boss. If you utter the name we know that you are talking about a car from 69 to 71 or 2012 and 2013. An anniversary edition will be followed by a 60th Anniversary model, etc., but the cache is just not there for the enthusiast collector/buyer. The 1964 cars ( not a small number ) will have appeal to some, but the Motorhead buyer is going to move on down the highway , much more interested in the legendary Boss and it's kindred. Just my opinion, but have been in the business for 24 years and just seems like distinct models carry forward their appeal, whereas short run cosmetic models garner the less knowledgeable collector - but of course, imho!


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I think I'll buy a 50th anniversary car and turn it into a GT 350 clone. Best of all worlds :p :p
Seriously, I saw the car up close and it's very nice and the Wimbledon White is spot on the original color. If/when they do the GT 350 they must use the original pallette of 60s colors. People are going to buy this car up if the Eco Boost can get 35 mpg and make 325 hp.


Having more fun than should be my Boss
Fiddler49 said:
So why are the 50th anniversary's front tires 275's and rears 255's? At least they were on the blue one in Vegas...

I think that must have been an "oops" by whom ever set the vehicle up. Otherwise someone is reduce understeer ;D.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
Gotta go with the Bosses.

The first '15s will have all the TSB/shakedown issues. And like all anniversary cars, their values don't hold up once the next special edition comes out.

302 Hi Pro

Boss 302 - Racing Legend to Modern Muscle Car
Looking back at the first Gen Boss 302's, those cars have become Legendary when you see them described or written about today. At the time, they were the best handling Mustangs of the day. Then there is the Race history, SCCA manufacturers championship in 1970.

Our 2nd Gen Boss 302's carry many of the same attributes of the original Boss 302's. The 2011 race season was very successful for the Boss program and it continued thru 2012 until they felt the need to place restrictor plates on the Boss to help even up the competition.

The S550's will be great cars, but we will have to see what else Ford does with the new car to establish it as a stand out model. So for now, my money is on the 2nd Gen Boss 302. Ford really elevated the S197 platform with the Boss 302 program because the really did it right and stayed true to the 1st Gen Boss program, both on and off the track.

Just my opinion,
302 Hi Pro

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Big fat tires and everything !
Gotta go with the Boss. I have had a lot of nice cars. None of them have turned heads like the Boss. Young and old love the car. Ford has done such a great job with both production runs 69/70 and 12/13 on the Boss and has shown restraint using the Boss name. Because of the restraint (respect) from Ford for the Boss name, our cars are part of the Boss legacy.
Anniversary cars have never done anything for me, from any manufacturer.
I sure wish I had bought the 1970 Boss I was looking at in 1974 for something like $2,800 and I thought that was way too much.
It is extremely difficult to predict this. There are only a few late model specialty mustangs that have remained collectible. The 1993 Cobras new were 25K, and some pristine examples of those cars bring that and more. There are a lot of factors why, a unique one model year only limited run, last fox body, first SVT mustang, etc. 03/04 Cobras are another, they are bulletproof, last of the true SVT Cobra, and make crazy power. Good examples still bring 25-30+ depending on mileage and if they have been modded or not. 93Rs go for crazy money, 50-60k, but 95Rs don't. On this forum, everyone is going to say Boss. And while I hope its true, that the boss will be collectible, it will greatly depend on the new engine in the 15 and what ford does from there. Its simply too early to tell. They could very well decide to make the boss instantly obsolete with a mustang that can run circles around it, in every way. It will be hard to replicate the "soul" of the Boss, but ford is in business to sell vehicles. They want you to buy the next one. If you were in the market for a Shelby, Is there anyone out there that can legitimately say that they would rather have an 11 or 12 Shelby over the 13/14? Think of all those people that paid ADM on those early 07 Shelbys and stored them in a wrapper hoping to cash in! Going forward, I think that the boss will retain its value better than a GT, but I wouldn't keep it in a wrapper and plan to cash in. Drive, it, enjoy it, and let the "value" card fall where it will fall.


Kerry, San Diego
93cobra said:
It will be hard to replicate the "soul" of the Boss


For that reason, I vote for the Boss...

Seinfeld said on one of his shows (to paraphrase): limited edition cars are only limited to how many they can build.
302BOB said:
I hope Ford doesn't offer any future Boss 302's because it would be hard to expand on what we already have. I know technology is always evolving but leave that to a new "creature"

Like the Mach1...
If they wanted to duplicate the Boss legacy....a Boss 351 should have been made. I've owned limited cars, shelby GT-c, shelby Hertz, but in the end I went with the new Boss for technology and performance at the time. Not selling for now and not sold on the 2015 yet. I think my next tow if I get rid of the Boss, is for a vintage mustang or Boss.
13Boss#3328 said:
I think 3rd gen Boss 302 will come earlier this time, may be, who knows ;)
Yes it will be called a GT350. ;)

If you want a fast and collectible Mustang look for a 2000 Cobra R.


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