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69 Boss 302 Prototype at MCACN

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I have one of my cars at the Musclecar and Corvette Nationals this weekend, and the 69 barn find Boss 302 prototype that was found is here. Amazing story, and will be geat to see it restored.






Cool car and cool stoy!

Oh. and here's a Shelby in the "snakepit"


The claim by the owner is that it is Shinoda's car. Speed TV was doing an intreview with the guy, who knows?

Plenty of cool cars (and babes) at this show, but quite a ride for me (New Orleans to Chicago).



That car is Shinoda's car he experimented on. It started life as a 428 CJ car. He put the stripes on this car for trial. He had the fake scoops sheet metaled over cause he didn't want them on it. The 428 was removed and fully blueprinted at ford for Shinoda. That car is truely one of a kind cause this was Shinoda's test bed. This is the "First Boss'.
I think there was an article in Mustang Monthly this past month or so, also if you look in DONALD FARR Book there is a story, and photo of this car.
Shinoda started with a automatic mustang, and did his thing to it. Like BLAZN BOSS stated this was the 1st. They have verified this per articles due to welding , title etc. Super rare car its a miracle it was able to survive. WOULD BE COOL TO CLEAN IT UP . It is still a piece of history like it sits. WOW.

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