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6R80 Transmission - transmission going or a control module/solenoid? Shifts to 5th, dial says 4th...

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Duane Black

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I know, I know... the right answer is get a third pedal and an MT82....

But here's teh deal... happened once at Daytona back in October... usually on the first lap or so while the transmission isn't up to temp. I'm in 3rd, roaring down a straightaway, and I shift to 4th. However, the car briefly or maybe skips 4th (I can't tell in the video or while driving how long it is, or if it isin 4th) and it goes to 5th. The dial will still indicate I'm in 4th, but the RPM clearly mean I am in 5th.

Upon the next brake zone, I'll push the button for a downshift and it will go to 3rd gear, and after that it ahsn't been a problem for the rest of the session.

In normal driving, it's never shifted rough/slipped/anything wrong that I've noticed....

It could quite honestly use a transmission fluid flush....

But is this a sign hte transmission is going? I wouldn't think so since nothing feels mechanically wrong, and I've read somewhere that a control solenoid can go bad on these thigns, so I'm hoping thats the problem (I'm assuming a module is cheaper than the whole unit...)


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