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7,500 RPM rev limit-- Where in specs?

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That spec sheet lists the motor coming from Canada, my car content sticker shows USA. I know it has been argued back and forth on that point, but anything "media" I would not accept at face value. Like (again it has been argued back and forth) the Track Key ads say it leaves the stock warranty but some of the documentation says it replaces the warranty.
Thanks for the link!!!
CaliMR -- I agree -- I'd like to see something more official. But, that media info is from the official web site and should be OK for my purposes. I am just trying to find that info for a friend that I met at the track who was told something other than that. Odd that it's not in the owners manual.
-- Jim
Was your "friend" saying that it was higher or lower than 7,500???

You can always show him the Red Line on your Tach... Just Sayin'
Some people claim it is effectively lower as the fuel and timing are cut around 7200, but I don't recall proof either way. Also the track key literature I mentioned is on the official advertisement and the sticker I mentioned that conflicts with that link was the one on the car as required by law, and for which there is penalties if it is wrong. I never bothered to call Ford and ask which was correct though.
you do hit the 155 governor in 5th before 7200 but in any of the lower 4 gears you can certainly hit 7500 and occasionaly spin a couple of hundred rpms past it. 7500 is the red line.
2012boss said:
you do hit the 155 governor in 5th before 7200 but in any of the lower 4 gears you can certainly hit 7500 and occasionaly spin a couple of hundred rpms past it. 7500 is the red line.
This plus there are plenty of dyno charts showing power cutoff around 7,500.
Thanks for the replys.
I know the rev limit is set at 7,500. I have seen the dyno results and have data logged rpm while hitting the rev limit. My question was *where* in the official Ford specs does it indicate what the rev limit is? I'm not asking *what* it is. Looks like the link posted by tmsboss and 7013boss is the best we have.
-- Jim
I would guess the shop manual would say, if anyone has access to the supplement for the Boss. I've been using the '11 version.

seca954 said:
7013Boss said:
This might work better.

I just noticed that the required fuel is on 87 octane. Anyone running 87?

With Track Key, it is 91. Mine has not touched anything lower than 91, but CA 91 is about like 89 in most other states.
Thanks for the replies. I heard back from my friend and turns out he misinterpreted some information he got from the dealer. Info from dealer was correct.

I did not post all details of why I asked the question because I did not want the thread to turn into, yet another, bash the dealerships and their techs – especially since this time it would be on third hand information.

Thanks again for the interest. I still do find it odd that something as basic as rev limit isn’t stated in the owner’s manual.
Ford put my rev limit statment on the floor. Simply cram the pedal to the floor and Ford will let you know the rev limit ;D Curious why you posted this one?

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