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'73 Boss 302

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My GF is at a dealer with her neighbor looking at a 2008 GT500. They sent me a pic of a '73 Boss 302 that the place also has. Salesman says it is all original. What do you guys think? Pretty sweet '73 isn't it.


I told her it was a 70, if it is real, but she swears up and down it is a 73 and says she thinks I am ****ing with her. I told her the stripes are wrong for a 73... since she didn't believe me that the 73 mustangs had a different body and no Bosses.

I'm not sure if she is ****ing with me, or the salesman is that bad. She also sent me a pic of a GT (supercar, not Mustang) and the salesman said it is a Shelby.

I told her to find out the price on the 73 ;D


its a such thing as a 73 Boss...............they toyed with the idea of a 71........but that body iss a 70........


Some say he has a tattoo of his face on his face.
Well this could go one of two ways: It should be dirt cheap because it's a '73 and emissions took over then or he realizes it's a '70 and the price jumps.


Ya wonder how someone can even begin to make a mistake on the year of that car.......If retored by the dealership, just the parts aquired should be enough to getthe year right..............maybe the guy was a camaro lover.

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