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5-10 Years
Johnson Creek, WI
Had a great day driving in the rain today. Terrible traction but it allowed me to really learn some car control and test my reflexes. Just as it was starting to warm up and dry, the alternator pulley came loose and lost its nut. So I was done with 3 sessions to go.




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W2W Racing
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20+ Years
First off, sorry to see the damage. Most long time, hard core track junkies have been there (raise both hands).
Second - excellent thought process on getting off the track, onto an exit road. Very considerate of your fellow track mates.
Third - in nearly all cases, don't set the e-brake after a track session. In this case, I can see why you would have, as you likely surmised a gear or two had left the chat and the car could roll.

Hope you get it repaired soon, and are able to enjoy the rest of the summer at various track events.

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