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94 octane


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
If it's not pinging on 93 there is no real benefit. I run 93 plus a bottle of torco fuel additive because I have a custom tune and run more timing

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Grant 302 said:
I hate you just a little ;) just kiddin'

We only have 91 pisstane here :'( And I pay 7.99 to 9.99 for 100 octane for track use to bump it up.
just use a bottle or torco. Whole lot cheaper

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Grant 302 said:
I'd do that if I could find it locally. I used to use/buy by the case when I drag raced, but I don't like storing flammables at the house now.
i get mine from amazon case at a time.

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buland said:
91, 93, 94 octane, guys, my condolence ;-)

i run my bosses with 98 or (mostly) 100 octane
Different methods of rating octane in Europe. Those are the research numbers, in the States our gas is rated by the average of the Research plus the Motor octane. Your 100 is about 94 US octane.


Track Attack 5-26-14
mostly on-topic, I don't know if this is well known, but here

is a list of ethanol free gas stations and the 92/93/94 high test ones are called out. As are 100/110.

they also have a map page here

so you can zoom by your locale on the map and find ethanol free stations.

I am using this to plan to drive my Boss to track attack and only fill up on high test. It doesn't hurt that Idaho and Utah just recently raised the speed limits 8)

Edit: Every tank in my Boss has been Ethanol free except the 1st which came from the dealer on the East Coast. I aim to keep it that way!

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