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SN95 97 Cobra CAM-T Project Build Thread Profile - SN95 Mustangs

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3-5 Years
I have been working on the car with my 8 yo son Cole a couple hours every weekend until his patients with me run thin. He helped pull out the front and rear seats, thankfully the previous owners had left him a couple dollars in change which kept his interest. The following weekend he wanted to remove some more bolts so I convinced him to get the hard to reach bolts under the dash. I really appreciated that. The previous owner had something happen to the stock 4.6L DOHC and removed it before selling the car. I thought Cole might get a kick out of steering the car as I pulled it out to pressure wash the engine bay. He was grinning ear to ear when we were moving but wouldn't give me the satisfaction when I went to take a picture.

Although I haven't decided what to do with the front suspension I wanted to see what it was going to take to fit the Gen 3 Coyote in the engine bay with the stock k-member. I would like to start out with the stock suspension setup but swap out for heavier springs. I would then upgrade suspension components once I get the the engine swap under control and a few autocross events in. That idea could change though. While Cole thought it was fun the first time we dropped it in, he wasn't too impressed by the time we did it the fourth time. There were obviously a number modifications that needed to be made along the way to get it to clear everything but I wasn't about to tell him that when we started. We did eventually get it to fit, for the most part. After some explicit demands and being subject to a hefty $1 fine if I touched the motor, he agreed to help me again the following weekend.

With both of us having ADHD there is definitely not a strict plan in place. We will work on it each week for as long as I can keep his attention. Until the this car is ready, I will continue to run our 00 GT at autocross events. Until then I am just going to enjoy wrenching with him while I can. More updates to come.

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