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A little fun in a Radical SR3

just got back from a couple really nice days out at Spring Mountain Motorsports Park in a 2-day radical class. Great people, great facility. the car? ok, also pretty darn sweet. My prior couple days of track time were in a mustang gt school car out at chuckwalla last month and a subaru STI rally car for a few days prior to pretty different, which I like. But with a fair amount of seat time in formula cars and mid-engined cars like my boxster, I felt pretty at home after getting used to the 10k revs and motorcycle tranny's in the them.
here's a short out-take from a descent second-day session.
I learned a bunch and had a hesitation recommending SMPP as a driving destination.
That's awesome and on my "to do" list. So how fast is a Radical?
straight line / acceleration wasn't amazing...but it was quick.
braking - insane - lap after lap after lap...super consistent and powerful.
laterally - 2+ g's. wow.
guy in front of me spinning:

me catching one in the same corner:

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Crap -----------that looks way too much fun!!! Have told everyone that Miller is the place to go for school , as the Mustangs there are always prepped and ready for the track. Well maintained and a fantastic amount of track time, but looks to me like I need to put Spring Mountain back on a recommended list. Went there years ago for a Viper Days event and great track and facilities ( though have friends that say they are upgraded to the max now ). Would love to run a Radical , so thanks for posting the video -- got my juices flowing and now I have another to do in the bucket!!!

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