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Adjustable suspension

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I kept cranking it up for the street, I now run it at 5/5 on the street but may reduce it to 4/4 because of potholes.

On the track, I was running 5/5 at a fast fairly smooth track with nice rounded curbing, but the tire "wings" looked like the front was under damped and the back was over damped (according to the pro suspension guy the bike guys hired to set up their bikes). Changed to 5/4 and the car would not stick at all coming out of corners. But that was a 50 degree day, I imagine it would be a little different once the summer hits.

On the street, lower settings should be more comfortable ride. High settings will be bumpier. But the range is not huge. Also, with it set high and the low profile tires, you may be at risk for wheel damage if you hit potholes and stuff. IIRC Ford said to soften them if you like to ride the curbing at the track, but I may be remembering wrong. I personally like it stiffer, as my other fun cars have been track prepped cars so I am just used to it. Running them higher will slow weight transfer, and having the back a little softer than the front should push the grip balance toward the back.
Larger diameter driveshafts are inherently stronger than smaller diameter driveshafts (assuming same wall thickness). We offer a 3.5" diameter driveshaft for the V6 Mustang but a 4" diameter for the V8's. A few manufacturers use 3.5" for all the mustangs regardless of the HP/TQ and modification potential difference.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I havent even changed my settings. the roads around here are horrible. the highway feels like an off road trip. thinking about turning them to 1 all the way around.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
Dig-It said:
You're just getting old, the streets around here aren't that bad ;)

I'm running 4/4.
lol that might be but have you been down 264 from the downtown tunnel heading east? that stretch of the highway is ridiculous. second worst is 64 either direction between 264 and the hrbt. if I didnt have to drive on those roads all the time I would tighten it up


I absolutely agree with about those spots on the interstate being the worst - with 64W north of the HRBT a close third.


Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
06GT to 13LS said:
Dig-It said:
I absolutely agree with about those spots on the interstate being the worst - with 64W north of the HRBT a close third.

Or 64 around 4th View, headed either into or out of the HRBT. I dodge pot holes daily.
what gets me is the speed bump sized mounds every 50ft no dodging them. thats why I got the tire/wheel coverage incase I eat a wheel and tire on those mothers.
Huge difference between 1 and 5 IMO.

I put a lot of miles on my car and there's several areas where I pogo stick a lot more in 5 than 1. I've still got them on 5F & 4R and I just need 5 DOT 0's trunk monkey to change em haha. It'll be over a month before I get back to Laguna so I should put them back to commuter setting. My commute is 101 to 880 so straight shots. Handles well enough for that on 1.


Mustang owner since 84
Is there any reason to change over the rear sway bar for the Steeda adjustable sway bar?
Like this
People seem to like the adjustable ones when they change from OE width tires, to put the balance back.

I'm still at 5/5 but I may go to 5/4. 1 is enough for the street, as Fat Boss said, but I like it to feel a little more taut. Also that way I am used to it feeling the same all the time, no surprises at the track.

From what the suspension tuner that came to our last track day said, based on tire feathering and a ride I gave him, the settings should be at about 7/4 ideally but I can't find the darn 7. But that is for when you are beating on it, not for street use.

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