Adjustable Sway Bars, '14 GT

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    Hey. New around here, but have found this to be a great resource so far. I just picked up a '14 GT that I intend to use primarily for track days and the occasional Weekend cruise.

    Of course the list of things I need to do is long, but right off I'm going add a Barton shifter and I'd like to have adjustable Sway Bars. Can anyone recommend some particular brands or sources to shop and research them? I see a few options online, but haven't been able to discern what the key differences are between them.

    The car has some inexpensive adjustable coil overs on it (Pedders PN393836) and the Whiteline Watts link. While I know adjustable ARBs may not be necessary. I think it would be fun to tinker with and let me make some simple adjustments to balance before I get into trying to really dial in the springs and dampers.

    I have 0:00 track time in this car or any Mustang. So feel free to offer any unsolicited advice.

    Any input would be appreciated.
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    I have a BMR ajustable front bar... and a 18mm rear bar, if any at all. But the Ford Front bar would be a good way to go as well. Your tire size front and rear will have a big impact on what the bar setting will be, as will type of tracks (Time trails or open track etc)

    Best thing to do is drive the car and see what you like and don't like about it!! Then plan out where you want to take the car. Most of us just evolve the car slowly, which ends up being more expensive in the end! But they say half the fun is the journey.....
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