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AdvanceTrac / Traction control / Track-Mode


I am a little confused.

If you drive in the Track-mode, which Traction is off ?
the normal "Track Control" or "AdvanceTrac".

Because the symbol is exactly the same with.

And it this correct: ?? o_O

AdvanceTrac Off = No more driving help (computer) .. only the driver decides.

Traction control switch Off = little wheelspin possible, But the electronics intervenes.

thanks for your help. =)
I dont understand everything in the manual...
The symbols being the same is confusing. You have to actively turn off the AdvanceTrac by pushing the TC OFF button once to put it into Sport mode or hold if for 5-8 seconds to completely turn it off. If you have not had your GT350 on track yet I'd start by putting the car into the Track driving mode and leave the AdvanceTrac on. If that intervenes too much then try Sport mode and Track mode as you get more time in the car. As an example another member and I have been to many track days together in our Boss 302's and now our GT350's and both of us use the AdvanceTrac in Sport mode with the Track driving mode. We both completely turned off AdvanceTrac in our Bosses. The GT350 (and I'm sure all S550's) is much more sophisticated than the S197 cars.

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