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Advice on first "big track" day? NEEDED

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Hey TMO, although my car is a CAM-C targeted build, I am interested in and signed up for some big track days just for fun. As such I very much appreciate any and all tips, tricks, unwritten rules, good-to-knows, etc. that you may have for those novice big track days. My first "BTD" is at NY Safety Track in May, and I've added some brake cooling ducts. What do I need to know? Thanks!!!

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This is a great link if you're new to HPDE.

Wise move with the brake cooling. Hi-Temp DOT 4:fluid such as Motul 600 or Castrol SRF is highly recommended. If you're using brake pads designed for autocross you may want to think about getting a different set for the higher temps at a road course. Normally different pads are not necessary for a first time at HPDE but if your car is CAM-C and you autoX then you're probably more aggressive than a typical first time road courser.
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Bill Pemberton

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I would also make sure you get out and drive a little on the new tires and rims prior to going to the track the first time. That will scuff off that initial oily new tire layer of goop and some folks even feel a heat cycle is beneficial to some of the new 200 TWR tires. Coz is quite right on brake pads, good idea to get a set of race compound pads and make sure the rotors are clean when you bed them in ( to get the other pad buildup ). Always good to plan ahead and sounds like you are off to a good start on vehicle prep.

Mad Hatter

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Its always nice to get some one who knows the track to give a few tips or ride with you for a bit... Oh, and dont eat too much, I took a whole roasted chicken with me to the track once... The chicken ended up regurgitated in the pits.

Total agreement on the brake upgrades. Love Castrol srf.

Some camber! Camber Bolts at least, really helps keep the tires alive, apart from making the car handle better. At my first track school, killed the stock pzeros for lack of camber.

Have fun!!

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