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Aeroforce TB with OEM airbox and OEM inlet tube - Install does not work

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I bought recently a used Aeroforce TB which I tried to install today, unfortunately without success (Boss 302, no mods in this area). :-[ Reason, the Aerofoce TB is to large with the down fitting parts to install the OEM inlet tube to it (about plus 4 to 4.5 cm). There is just not enough space. I makred the space available with the OEM TB and on the last pic the challenging part of the OEM inlet tube.




The challenge is this part of the OEM inlet tube, which is very close to the fan:
Side question, has anyone an idea what this is for, why not just a proper tube without that "thing"?

Any ideas of how I can fit the TB to the OEM inlet tube or if not with the OEM inlet tube which tube could fit so that I can still use the OEM airbox?

Note, I have no problems of fitting the parts together, it's just the space that is not working out.
I think the piece at the bottom if for sound or more precisely to eliminate some unwanted sound. I think your only option is an aftermarket CAI. Good luck and let us know how the TB works.
kona768 said:
Im not sure how to post a pic, but I changed my avitar to a pic of the setup for now.

Thanks for sharing your setup. Try to upload a picture. I see the pic on your avatar but it is difficult to see your exact setup as it is so small. ;)

I have a JLT coupler 4.0 to 3.5, but I might require a bigger one similar to you if I would use your way.

BTW, what is your experience with the bigger TB?

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