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Air conditioning delete?

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I don't think you'll gain much just from bypassing the compressor. I believe people usually "delete" the AC for weight reduction purposes. When the AC is not on, the compressor's not operating and there is minimal energy loss.

I could be wrong though :p, and it might make a bigger difference for supercharged folks.


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ArizonaGT said:
The AC compressor is on the passenger side of the block, it's on a separate belt from (behind) the serpentine. Cut that belt, AC drag gone.

That's like burning money, why not just remove it?


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Removing the belt will do nothing for performance. Just make sure climate is off when racing. Removing the whoe system from the car will save 35-40 lbs and will help weight distribution, cooling, handling and performance. All just a little bit. Unless you are a die hard racer I woul leave it alone and enjoy the AC during your summer drives.
For road racing I've seen people remove the ac condenser as it sits in front of the radiator. If I were to do this, I would pull the belt and compressor.
For drag racing most modern vehichles disengage the ac at wot.
Other than weight reduction I'd leave it be....don't turn on your ac while racing ;)
Thanks everyone! There are no tracks for at least a 7 hour drive from me, so I wont get much of a chance to track it. There is however a really good Drag track just 2 hours from me, so I might hit that up 2-3 times this summer. I guess I will just leave the compressor and belt hooked up. I appreciate the advice!


Zaino, I put that $hit on everything
I had always thought the reduced weight from removing those old super heavy compressors was 10x more beneficial than any parasitic loss from the belt attached to the engine. So I would have to agree that unless you are running your Boss as a dedicated drag strip only car, leave the AC setup as is.

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