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S550 Airbag question for my track-driven daily-driver..

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Atlanta, GA
Hi everyone,
Sorry if it's already been answered but I couldn't find an answer to my specific situation..

I bought some Sparco seats, pending installation.
I daily drive my Mustang, but I track it about every 2 months.
So I still need my airbags when I daily drive.
But I want to get rid of the airbag light and still be mindful of my safety.
I'm mainly concerned about the remaining airbags working properly (driver knee, steering wheel, pillar curtain, passenger airbags)

1. Which airbags (Including both driver and passenger side) will/will not work while the seat is installed, NO resistor, airbag light is ON?
2. Which airbags (Including both driver and passenger side) will/will not work while the seat is installed, YES resistor, airbag light is OFF?
3. While on-track, what are the safety concerns of airbags going off while I have a helmet on, hans-device, with Schroth QuickFit Pro? (Clips into both front driver and rear seatbelt buckles)

Thanks for the help in advance!
Here's a photo of my car 👋 :)
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3-5 Years
I recall seeing a post awhile back from @honeybadger who confirmed that the remaining airbags will still go off even with the airbag light ON.

The airbag light on the dash doesn't bother me at all but I was concerned about the annoying seatbelt chime....oddly, no chime goes off with Sparco seat and no passenger seat.

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