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All Tiger Racing Boss 302R Hood owners, in here

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To everyone that has a Tiger Racing Boss 302R hood, did you have any issues with fiberglass emissions causing paint defects? How "flawless" is the quality of your paint? I purchased a hood from Paul a little more than a month ago, had it dropped at my local paint shop who I trust and have worked with several times in the past.

They painted the hood, a few days later I saw a black haze or trash in the red of the hood when washing it. I talked to my paint guy and he thought that it was the fiberglass still emitting as it dried and cured. We decided to wait a month and he would shoot it again. Well... he shot it again yesterday, decided instead of allowing it to bake in the paint booth, he would let it dry over night. This morning he looked at it and the black is back again. When he shot the hood, he also shot a metal test panel. The panel is perfect so it's not trash in the gun or paint. He called the PPG rep out and the rep thought the same thing, that the hood was still emitting causing the defect. I've reached out to Paul on a few different occassions to try and get some feedback but all attempts were unanswered. So here I am to see what you guys thought.

I'm putting the hood back on for now and have told my paint guy not to fight with it anymore. It's definetely something that most people wouldn't notice. You have to be up on the hood about a foot away to see the haze I'm talking about. I know that the hood is a race hood and I knew not to expect a perfect hood. The hood quality was great, best fiberglass hood I've bought by far and I've bought a lot of fiberglass parts over the years. The paint thing's just got me stumped.

STEVESPO, JScheier, did you guys wait to have yours painted or did you paint it upon receipt of the hood?

Thanks guys,


Too Hot for the Boss!
jskwarek said:
STEVESPO, JScheier, did you guys wait to have yours painted or did you paint it upon receipt of the hood?

I had my hood drop-shipped to the body shop. Once we inspected it, I left the car with them, they trial fitted it and then painted it.
That's exactly what I did. Man, it's frustrating... Such is the life when you start modifying cars though.

steveespo said:
I had my paint work done in March. As of today no defects. My hood is fiberglass too not CF.

Does anyone know if the Tiger Hood (CF) works with the CJ intake/TB setup?
I understand it requires a bit of fitment to clear the larger intake, etc. & would like to know if anyone has done this.
Thanks in advance,

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
I have a 13 tiger fiberglass racing hood. Fits perfect, but the honey comb fiberglass hood is too thin. The 12 hood may be structured different so it just my experience with a 2013 Tiger hood.

Because of the thinness of the fiberglass the hood has developed hairline cracks. I have been uber careful with shutting the hood but it somehow managed to get hairline cracks around the main latch.

I took out the main latch, repainted, and installed hood pins with like results. The painter spayed it three times with like results. He made it perfect again, but the cracks are now back which is super upsetting.

I was offered FB tiger racing style hood which I saw this at the 50th party in Vegas and I'm going to try it. The fiberglass is a tad bit thicker a few pounds heavier then my original.

I'll let everyone know how it fairs.

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