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Alli driveshaft feature in 5.0 Mustang and superfords

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Hi All

There's a very interesting feature in the March edition with the fitting of an upgraded clutch and alli driveshaft to their Boss 302


Too Hot for the Boss!
Was it me, or did it just look 'klugie' as you had to make sure that the distance between the output shaft and the spacer were within 'x' tolerance or you had to call the manufacturer. Didn't really instill confidence.

There was also an article on the Snow Methanol Injection (very cool concept for NA cars). In that article it stated that the car was setup for NASA... and it has a big bottle of Nitrous in it. I've e-mailed my NASA boss and asked if nitrous bottles are allowed in HPDE. Couldn't find it in the CCR, but pressurized bottles on track are usually highly frowned upon (they do bad things in accidents and when / if a throttle sticks) and most organizations require you to remove them. NASA Time Trials and Competition classes all state that you have to remove the bottle <or> that nitrous is specifically disallowed. Was honestly surprised that the CCR didn't mention it.

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