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Alternative to Michelin PSS

Are these strictly track tires or are you driving on them daily? You could always go down a size to 265/295 on the PSS. If just track tires also look at Yokohama AD08 R's. They are probably the stickiest of the three.
I haven't tried the PSS, but I have tried the RS3s as summer/track track tires (285-35-18 square).

The RS3's lasted 3 seasons (3-5 events per summer + summer street driving) and they probably could've went another half a season. In my experience, the RS3s got sticker in the dry as they wore down. But overall, they were pretty bad in the wet and they got worse as they wore down.

I've seen fellow mustang owners run the PSS on track in the rain, and I couldn't believe the amount of grip they had compared to my RS3s.

Once my stock Pirelli's wear down, I'll most likely purchase a set of PSS as my summer tires, while I use NT01's for the track.
What about Bridgestone RE-11? They are on my list as potential next tires for daily driving and a little track. I have the S-04 and they didn't hold on more than 20 minutes on track before they get greasy.
What wheels are you using? I agree with switching sizes; I use 265/40 19s on the front and 295/35 19s on the rear on stock rims. In the PSS, this size was made for a BMW, but Chevrolet is using the same size on the C7 Corvette (at least on the rear). I just ran a track day at Road Atlanta with a pair of front PSS's that had 9500 miles and 4 prior track events. It was 90 degrees and sunny all day, the tires were about on the wear bars on the inner groove as well as being worn on the outer edge. I did 6 sessions (2 hours of track time) and the tires never got too greasy to affect handling. My temps were in the 130s on the fronts and 140s on the rears. You will pry my PSS's from my cold, dead hands, to paraphrase an old gun owner's saying.
Here are a few. Not quite the right angle though.

Here you can see the gap is not optimal


I should have got 20" rims. The tire selection would work a lot better. 305/30 19 are not tall enough for the ride height I have. That is one reason I am looking at 325/30 for the next ones.

Grant 302

basic and well known psychic
2012Boss302 said:
I've got 19x9.5 front and 19x11 rear Forgestars. Going to a 295 is a viable option but a huge part of me likes the bigger 305 just for looks.... ;D

305s would definitely look better. What about 295/35-19? Would also fill the gap a bit more since it's about the stock height.


Good timing for a tire post since I need to decide soon too, so I'll pile onto this thread.
I've run 3-4 sets of Nitto NT-05s and have wanted more grip, but still in a street tire.
Last year I got a set of Rivals in 275/35/18, but never really had a chance to compare them back to back.
Last weekend I was at Raceway Park of the Midlands for the Midwest Stangs event, also drove open lapping all day Friday. 360 track miles over 2.5 days. Drove the Nitto's Friday and Saturday. Ran the Rivals for three 15 minute sessions Sunday morning.
I only took 1 second off my lap times with the Rivals.
Here's my observations:
NT-05 -- maybe not great grip, but once warmed up, very consistent the whole 20-25 minute session. The 4th lap felt the same as the last lap. Wear like iron. 11 sessions last weekend and they don't look much worse than when I took the Boss off the trailer. At $250 each to the door for 295/35/18, I have a hard time justifying higher $$$ tires. And that savings could go towards a clutch I'll most likely need want next spring.
Rivals -- feel more gripy, even on the warmup lap. But started feeling greasy about 1/2 way thru 15 minute sessions. Tough to drive hard when it feels like the tires are starting to slip away. As stated earlier, only 1 second faster than NT-05.
PSS - another Boss driver drove them Saturday morning in 285/35/18--also his street tires. He said they also get greasy late in sessions, but still really likes them. Then he switched to scrub slicks and left me in the dust.
There's my $.02 worth.

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