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Am I Good Enough For Multimatic Hardware? (Rear Upper Control Arm)

Hello Everyone,

At 175k miles and 2 seasons on 315's, I fear the original rear upper control arm in my car is absolutely toast. I have been doing some research on replacing it and have come up with some thoughts/opinions/criteria.

The following is my criteria:
1.) Effectiveness at improving feel and stability of the rear end
2.) Durability
3.) Serviceability
4.) Streetability (Car has a rollbar and no rear interior, so this isn't a huge deal at this point)

What I am looking for is a durable, effective, set it and forget it solution. That's also still street-able. I am lazy, and gasp at the thought of people who replace/inspect parts "every season".

Given this criteria, am I mad to think the multimatic arm seems like a genuine solution? For those of you that have this arm, what is the service life of the spherical bearing? Is the NVH unbearable? Any noticeable difference compared to the more "normal" options out there? (Roush 3rd link, steeda, BMR, etc.)

What setup would you do if you were in my shoes?

I look forward to your replies!
What didn't you like about the spherical arms? By arm(s), which do you mean?
I would get the BMR UCA support and leave the stock arm or a poly one... If I remember right, @ajaquilante had a stock one in the Phoenix 33 super fast S197. I truely hated my two spherical arms.
What didn't you like about the spherical? Odd handling? Bad ride? Too loud?

Trying to absorb all the info I can....

Appreciate it 👍

Mad Hatter

Gotta go Faster
Santiago, Chile
Really really loud after about 4 races... barely any change at all over stock setup as far as handling goes, At least none that I detected. Would not wish that horrible noise on anyone. And most of the car had already has been changed to Spherical.

its probably the worst upgrade I have ever done. :banghead:

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