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I imagine there are many members on this forum that have experienced this so here goes…

I have a set of track wheels, Enkei PF01's and I am on my third set of tires on these rims. Every time I take them in the guys who do the tire changes scratch the [email protected]# out of my rims. I take the wheels off the car myself and just take them the wheels and tires. I know they are my track wheels but I would appreciate it if I could find a good shop that would be more careful. They are black wheels so the scratches stand out. Please share your tire changing experiences. T


I have never had an issue as long as I kept going back to a local family owned tire shop. The one time I went somewhere else for a simple tire rod they slashed my cv boot, got two screws on my tire, and cross threaded 4 out of the 5 lug nuts because they are just so hard to get right... I will always go back to Westport Tire even though it is 45 miles away now. You gotta find people you can trust. Or buy the cheap sve drifts and a used tire mounter and DIY. I am thinking of that route.
I have the same wheels and they have a very thin layer of poor quality paint on them. They will scratch just sneezing on them. So I think the Enkei's have more of a problem with scratches than most. That said the shop that does mine are pretty good about not scratching all of my wheels. They are a small independent shop that's been in business for like 50 years. If you're not happy with your shop try another one.


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I've been using my local Discount Tire for 12 years and have never had any problems, even on my "cheap" sve drifts. The one time I used a locally owned shop they couldn't get the balance right for anything.
Ask around to see which shops have "touchless" tire mounting machines.
I also go to a family owned shop, another reason I go there is because they also have a road force tire balancing machine.
I know for my bike and carbonfiber wheels they sell "rim protectors" when mounting tires. Haven't looked, but maybe they sell them for cars or the bike ones might work as well?

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