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Another Jacking ?

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Good day all

I seen a few topics on jacking of the late model Mustangs ,and the pinch welds on the sides seem to be most popular way to raise the car.
My ? is can you use the cross member (I think its called a K member) that is just in front of the oil pan. I would like to lift the front end up evenly.than place jack stands on either side.
Jacking the car one side at a time seem like it would cause the body to flex.

Same goes for the rear end. I know someone said don't use the diff. Is that a safety concern. Once again I would like to jack up once and place stands on either side.

Any input would be great.
What are you doing to it to need to jackstand the car? I needed to add the qtp exhaust parts and just backed it up on plastic ramps from harbor freight they worked great and it was up pretty high.


Last weekend I jacked mine up FROM THE CENTER OF THE REAR END HOUSING. I made sure the ears on the jack pad wasnt touching the aluminum cover. after putting the jackstands under it. i went ahead and did my work. Also i jacked the front from where the k member bolts to the subframe.......again no worries........the bodies arent going to flex to the point where it hurts the car....they aren't corvettes. Use good sense in placing the fllor jack pad and the jack stands........the pinch welds are ok but I dont like what they look like afterwards.........all the first generation mustangs got all bent up down there and I saw plenty of them when I worked at the dealership.
Any time I am lifting I place a piece of the blue foam between car and the jack, safety stands. Foam will absorb some of the deflection of the weight from the car, will not mar any of the metal. Got the one inch stuff from lowes, made my own drive on ramps with this stuff too. Would like to have a set of race ramps, but my poor mans ramps are working when I need them. The foam is really styrofoam from Dow.
Not doing any work to the Boss yet. Waiting for the trackey install than a oil change, than put her away for the winter.

I changed the oil today on my sons 08 Bullitt. I did use the front of the K member with no problems. I do like lifting the front all at one shot. Hope race ramps will be in the budget for next year though.
I personally would not lift from the K frame, you could hurt the attachment points from repeated use, plus the metal is weak and WILL bend. The front lift point is actually the sub frames and use the pinch welds for the jacks stands. I do the opposite myself by lifting at the pinch welds. There is little to worry about since the metal in the area is doubled up.

I always use a jack pad and have not damaged anything, you can get them from Craftsman or Harbor Freight, good piece to have.

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