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Any Bosses near Ft. Lauderdale/Miami

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I never get tired of driving it!
I have a good friend who lives in Weston FL and has seen photos of my Boss (I live near Detroit). I think he has gotten the bug for one. He has not seen one in person. Does anyone know if a dealer nearby has one for him to look at or if there is a car night coming up where he can see one in person? He is a good guy and a territory manager for a computer hardware company. Let me know.

Belive it or not the Ford Dealer there "Mullinax" had one in stock when i was there recently, they dont have it in the showroom it was in their multistory carpark out back.

According to their online posted inventory, the following are local to Weston.

Sawgrass Ford in Sunrise, which is very close, has two regular 2013 Boss 302's, one SBY and the other PW.

Also Maroone Ford of Margate has a 2013 GHIG Boss.
Sawgrass is easy to deal with and NO DEALER FEES! Also Pines Ford, (954) 443-7000 usually has 1 or 2 in stock, but I have not checked lately. I had ordered one at Sawgrass, but ended up getting mine from Pines, when they got one in before my order even had an ETA. You should be able to get MSRP at either.
Got mine at Pines Ford too. Wound up getting it for 1100(I think) under MSRP last November. They did hit me with a dealer fee. I haven't been back there since because of the crappy service I got by my salesman.
Quote- Mullinax Ford will supply you at MSRP ive bought two 2013 SBY from them no problem, just useless comms skills

They must have changed there way of thinking. I told the sales manager that I would buy there YB right now at MSRP and he wouldn't do it.
Gus Machado had a black Laguna Seca with some crazy ADM on it last time I was there a few weeks ago. Hence it's likely still there. I go to the Saturday night meet in Kendall sometimes and there is another guy with a red 2012 I've seen there too. I have a White 2013.
2012YellowBoss said:
Cartman said:
I have a White 2013.

Besides friend's cars and at the track or shows, I saw my first Boss on the street two days ago. It was a white 2013 heading south on US1 in Jenson Beach.

I haven't seen another 2013 yet. Seen only a couple 12s. Love that it's so rare, especially since the other car I was considering was an M3 and in Miami those are like Honda Accords. Hell my buddy has a 458 Italia (and don't get me wrong that car is a-m-a-z-i-n-g) but they're going to make 15-18k of those total I think, which means the Boss is the rarer car!

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