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Any comments on the Steeda Boss CAI?

Mad Hatter

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Santiago, Chile
I saw that they are on sale in Latemodelrestoration for $312. Does any one have feed back on the steeda Boss 302 CAI?? I kind of like the fact they say tune required! It looks like they have the sound tube plugged from what I see in the web picture.

Much cheaper then the Carbon Airaid unit.....?!


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I have it and it works just fine. 4"/101mm MAF sampling tube size, smooth curve to the throttle body and a big filter. Stainless heat shield and connection for the cold air inlet duct. Comes with rubber plug for the sound tube or you can keep it if you want.
I had Steeda write my tune for it and it makes good power 432 with headers and 85mm BBK throttle body.
I have the steda CAI also and find that its a very well made piece. I also enjoy the looks of how its made. I'm still old school but trying to break thru. Steda also did my tune and have no complaints. Are there better tunes>>>>Maybe, but I wanted a tune that was safe and if any problems arised I knew steda would stand true!
Just my 2 cents but would buy again and recomend.
Good luck on what ever you buy.


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I had one of the first boss cai from steeda. Got tunes from steeda. At first didn't feel much if any faster than stock. Did whistle a lot at part throttle. Then I got tunes from AED and man what a difference!!!! I have since sold that intake and went with the air aid and continue to run AED tunes.

With the steeda you have the option to use or not use the sound tube.

Also had warranty work done twice with CAI on the car......hmm

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I have the Steeda Boss intake but run an AED tune. Pretty sure you are not supposed to run it without a tune (it doesn't come with the neck-down sleeve like the Airaids). I have been very pleased with it and have had it on my car for 4-5 years now.

Can you not 'save' your RedKey tune on the SCT device and then replace it with an AED or Lund tune? I don't recall if tuners were able to do that or not so you might want to reach out to one of them.


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Denver, CO
Thanks for the feedback. Running lean is certainly not desirable long term since I use the red key 8/10 times.

Saving the TK tune is not really the concern (they can be bought again), I like the twin key option and thus far only one tuner (suspicious group in Vancouver) claim they can tune each key. Having just the one tune loses some of the 302 magic for some reason.
I understand what you are saying but if you have an SCT tuner, you can have a whole bunch of different tunes to switch between. You can have one with lopey idle, one that doesn't have it, one with super high rev limit, one with safer rev limit, one for 91oct, one for 93, etc.


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Denver, CO
Thank you, yes, the ability to store multiple tunes is certainly a bonus. I also like the Lund vent pod option. That said, until my extended powertrain warranty ends, I likely will stay OEM.

Bill Pemberton

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Blair, Nebraska
Changing the tune will likely lose you warranty, though the Red Key does not impact it at all ( verified years back with prior head of Ford Warranty/Service/Parts). Since many have a Ford ESC extended service contract , good idea to keep this in mind if you are concerned about protecting your coverage. At this point, many may not be worried, as the cars are 6-7 years old?

Now concerning Mad's question, are you looking at the Steeda because your Airaid was destroyed in the wreck?
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