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Any Cooks Onboard?

My thought/memories about Scrapple differ from yours. Sausage without flavor come to mind. Sort of a meat based tofu. YMMV. LOL
Scrapple is one of those love hate things. The stuff I have occasionally had is has a light liver flavor with the buckwheat - I think it's Pennsylvania Dutch. Here are a couple other old school things I had to try growing up, head cheese and pigs feet - I don't go near that stuff.
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5-10 Years
Lenoir City TN
Head cheese, tried it once. Pigs feet, nope. When you know what pigs feet spend much of their life standing in, the decision was easy. Lol.
Once you pickle the pigs feet they are so disgusting you forget what they spend most of their time standing in.


Mostly harmless.
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3-5 Years
Panko-crusted tilapia:

Thawed tilapia filets
Panko crumbs
Chili spice
Coconut oil

I let the filets sit on the counter for about 30 minutes to bring them to room temperature so they cook thoroughly.
Coat the filets in a thin layer of flour
Coat them in egg wash.
Mix the chili spice, salt, and panko crumbs.
Coat the filets in the crumbs.
Heat a pan of coconut oil over medium-high.
Throw the filets in the pan and cook both sides until light-medium brown and crispy.
Toss them on a plate with a paper towel to catch the excess oil.
Serve and enjoy.

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