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Any info on a Shelby Focus?

Was messing around with the "Build One" page at Shelby American.

I like this one Andy.
I don't know about others on the board, but I've never owned a 'pocket rocket'...and I'm itching too. I drove the st and it was nice, but not 'wow' like the boss is. I don't think I'd be willing to pay Shelby for things like the 'engine dress up kit' and the interior mods...and $38k seems a tad steep for a hopped up focus. though we could argue all day long about the 'collectability'of one of these 500 cars...

I think I could start with a ST2 (so you get the nice recaro seats - not in leather)...for $25.2K (approx x-plan price), and with $5-7K of mods, have a screamer.
FRPP already has a suspension kit for it...and there are many tuners jumping in to the game..I think the engine can easily be bumped 30-40hp...and still not destroy the driveability with that torque-steer...SSK, minor brake tweaks, minor cosmetic mods, and a really nice set of rims / tires...actually...if I forced myself to spend $30k max, I bet I could turn out something super fun and quick...and only $30k

hey, my son is just now turning 15, so I'm going to have to have a car around for him to learn to drive stick on...other than the boss...


And here is the Shelby Focus....

I followed a Shelby Focus around the track a bit last weekend. 8)


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