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Any interest in a retrofit factory alarm system??

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to find out how many of you might be interested in retrofitting your Boss with the factory alarm system. As you know, Ford decided to not make this an available option. I've tried the Ford Accessory system, but I am less than pleased with the results. I want to look into doing a retrofit, though I don't know if it is feasible (though I get a sense that it may be possible), or what the cost might be.

If there is enough interest, I should be able to get a dealer on board with me to help spec out what is needed.

Let me know if you are interested, and I'll take it from there.


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Depends on the price. The Ford Accessory system is about $200 more expensive than comparable external-vendor systems.

If you could get the Ford AAT, and linked to the normal key fob buttons for $250 or less, I'd be in.
The interior sensor (apparently the only part that may be needed) is about 200$. There would also be a need for reprogramming the car, if that's possible.
I agree with 2012YellowBoss, I want to keep mine factory.The intergration alone maybe worth a couple of extra dollers just to be able to use the key with out an extra keyfob dangling. If it fits in a GT, it should fit in ours. I sure all the gizmotrons ford puts in to their opt. packages don't employ total intigration and the alarm can be setup as a stand alone. I had a factory alarm installed in my Bimmer and the stealership got their money out of me for a simple half hour install (it was prewired), it's probably the same deal. Anyone know where to get good programming software for do-it-yourselfers? I think I'll google that but word of mouth is better then advertisements.
Retrofitting the system is going to be more involved than I had hoped. The wiring for the interior sensor is there, but Ford doesn't sell the overhead console housing as a separate piece. Their pricing for the housing with the sensor is nonsensical. The sensor and housing should be easily obtainable used, since it's not very likely the used parts people have any clue the housing assembly is anything other than a dome light.
However, the wiring for the hood opening sensor is not there. It seems like Ford has a separate part number for the Boss front light harness, if only to not have one extra connector and its one wire. :(
It would be possible to easily bypass this function though if desired.

It will be at least a couple or more weeks for me to sort through the details, but I'm a hard-headed engineer, so I'm seeing this through. :)
The harness you would need that incorporates the pig-tail for the hood sensor is $350. it also includes fog-light wiring as well if anyone is interested in adding those in the GT/CS location...


Because racecar.
Arizona, USA
Just an update here:

My dealer's custom shop installed a Viper model 330V into my Boss this week, they were able to program it to use the factory key fobs, so no extra alarm dangling around. The integration is flawless. This was $240 installed.
I would like to know how the viper system is wired in. Is it actually listening to the inputs from the key fob, or is it inferring the inputs from other signals (as the Ford Accessory system does)?

For example, the Ford system would work (generally) with the use of the regular key fob. However, it would actually read signals from the dome light and the driver's door unlock switch. This becomes a problem when trying to disarm the system using the Panic button on the fob.
1) Put in earplugs (option - pull the fuse for the horn)
2) Use the key fob to lock the doors with the windows down, and you outside the car.
3) Reaching through the window, use the inside door handle to open the passenger door.
4) Use the panic button to silence the alarm

Test two:
1) Lock the car from outside using the key fob
2) Push the panic button to trigger the alarm
3) Push it again to silence it

If both of those work, you should be golden. In my case, when the PATS alarm was triggered it would flash the dome lights, which would trigger the Accessory alarm, they would then play off of each other until I found the magic button combo to silence them in turn. Tons of fun when in a crowded parking lot... :(

EDIT: I've since done a bit of research, and viper appears to have bypass/interface modules that can connect to the car's CAN network. In my view this would be what's needed to be properly integrated. Maybe you can find out if such a module was used for your car.

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