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Anybody know this car?


breaker of wrenches
Saw this ad the other day, just wondering if anyone knows anything about the car. It's not something you see every day so kinda interesting I think.

I don't know that particular car. I do watch that site tho. I've seen some really nice cars on there.
It's actually not a horrible price if it's authentic and in Canuck bucks !
I've seen it run at vintage events in Fla. I never checked it out closely because frankly, there are so many fake ones that are well done I can't see buying a real one. But $115K seems pretty reasonable for the real deal.
One thing to look for is the 271HP 289 engine, I think the Shelbys were rated at 310 or something. I doubt it has the original one, but as I recall the 271hp had thicker main bearings, they may also have 4 bolt mains, I can't remember, it's only been about 45 years since I had my hands on one.
It should also have a 9 inch with either over, or under ride bars depending on the year. It will also have a cable rear suspension limiters. The front upper control arms will have 2 sets of holes to change the roll center and a brace welded under the upper control arm in the spring pocket. Those are all indicators of a real gt350, not one that somebody swapped numbers on.

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