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Anyone an Ontario resident? Shannonville track vid day inside. Chasing 911 & S4

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2nd time on this circuit w/ this car. This time increasing rebound from 2/2 factory setting to 5/5. WAY more controlled body motions.
Able to get on power earlier, and brake later/harder due to less apparent brake dive.
Car is super neutral on corner entry...until I carried a 200lb passenger (as in this video). With passenger, it will push. But nothing trail braking doesn't fix. Love this thing :D

But this smallish track kills tires, and after 2 lapping days at this circuit, my outside edges are done. Camber definitely needed to mitigate understeer in certain situations and also tire longevity.

Skip to 6:31 for the real chasing action (with less traffic)


Great vid boro! Thanks, sounds like you guys were having a blast in the Boss, keep them coming!
Those darn German six cylinder economy cars are always getting in the way! Nice driving.

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