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Anyone applied 22ple VX1 glass pro?

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Save the dawn for your dishes!!!
I bought some and just looking for tips.

The one thing I am on clear on is do I need to use a new applicator and two towels for every section I apply it to? Or is that a one car and done type thing?
Well I got 22ple vx1 glass pro in my detailing arsenal, but it is one of a handful products I have yet to try. But I did do extensive research on its,application, which there is not much out there. But, from what I have found your probably only going to use one applicator for the entire car, make sure it's a red one for a sealant. And one to two microfiber. These will not be usable after a few hours. You can layer 22ple about a day after initial application( I'd wait two to make sure though). After another day you can apply sealant and waxes to it. Oh on a side note about how to prep the surface, make you IPA every panel after you polish(pre wax prep).

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