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Anyone buy the Boss 302 watch on ebay?

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Someone is selling these watches from Hong Kong... which is why I haven't bought one yet. But has anyone? How's the quality? I haven't worn a watch in years but this thing looks pretty cool!
I have not bought that watch but have purchased items directly from HK with no issues. Let us know if you buy one.


Beacuse it's in Hong Kong is why I wont buy it. Hard enough to get ebay stuff when the sellers in the US.
I bought a Super Snake watch for 35 cents, it cost me $12 to ship to Canada. Just amazing how cheap things are from HK.
wow check this one out for LS members !!!!

pretty cool :)
5 DOT 0 said:
I like this one the best.

I've got a bid on that one as well as a couple of other different styles.
ChuckP said:
Not sure it's a good buy. I bought a gold Rolex in HK last year and it was only $12.


I won the auction for the Boss intake watch. $1.25 and another watch had my cars C stripe, .99 cents. It takes about a week for shipping from HK to arrive, I still shake my head with how quick it is.

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