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Anyone checked resale value?

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Just for giggles, I checked the KBB value on my car and it showed $43K which seems awfully high. Granted the car only has 2200 miles on it but still...
pretty strong compared to all the other levels of Mustangs.. I usually go through mine fairly quick in order to not take a hit from deprecation but with the Boss Im very confident I should be fine for the next three to four years if i keep the miles low and such.
The amount of laughter that followed lasted for quite some time. I was only mildly contemplated trading it and only got one dealer to give me a price. Kind-of threw me off. I was expecting upper 30's.


my personal property taxes were higher thn my sticker............KBB shows higher than my cost minus taxes. But were told these cars wont hold value! :)
You gotta think though, if they gave you 40k for trade in, that would mean it would goon the lot for around 43k........would you pay that much for a '12 with 7k miles on it? Of course, they can play with the numbers between the trade and new vehicle but, it's still gonna be in that area. Local dealer to me has '12. comp orange with just over 7k miled and they're asking 38.9k for it. So that means they took it in for maybe 35ish.....?

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