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Anyone modify the side exhaust?

Here are some pics of the kooks side pipes on my Boss. Note they are not mounted correctly on the h pipe but I am working on that. This is just to get an idea of what they will look like when I am finished working everything out. Should the come out further? Ugly? What? Leave me your honest opinion what you think of the look. The sound of the pipes is still unknown to me. I need to hear them once I get the H pipe bolt up problem corrected before I decide for sure. That will be an easy fix I have created. Just need the time to do it. This is just a garage bolt up for know. I really just want opinions on the look. Myself I like the look. Side exhaust that you can actually see and not just hear. I am a little worried if they may get too hot and melt or discolor the plastic molding on the bottom of the car. What do you think? This is all still in the trial and error stage. What do you think?


I think they are hanging too low and if you plan on either lowering your car or running shorter tires for the track you'll have problems. I'd also be concerned about melting or discoloring the plastic.

If you have them connected how does it sound? Other than being louder I'm skeptical it will sound that much different. I think an axle back is a better option and be done with it.


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That is sweet. I would love that on my car looks very NASCAResque. Get some sheet aliminum and rivet it to the rocke plastic and you will be even more 60's NASCAR/Trans Am old school. Good luck with it. I am going to look at modding my x pipe to add connections for these. Try and get some under car shots please.
I think it looks good, but it is pretty low. Since it is on jacks, the tires will raise up once it is on the ground so there will be even less clearance. You could probably add a heat shield over it, and pushing it out a little so the exhaust doesn't hit the plastic.
I think it looks good... Should sound good too...

Here is what Shelby put on the Terlingua cars with the side exhaust...


Since the stock side exhausts have already melted the little plastic tabs on my BOSS 302, I would highly recommend that you put something over the plastic moulding to prevent the same from happening...

Steve said:
Leave me your honest opinion

They are not ugly at all but I'm not a big fan of them. I like the stealth look the way Ford made them. As long as you like them that is all that really counts, how many original Boss 302's had full side pipes on them at some point in their life. Check out my latest side pipeinstall. I still have work to do. I noticed a exhaust leak but I will fix that. I also need to do something like the shelby heat shield. These things are louder than stock. Especially when bouncing of cars and buildings. Since they are pointing out instead of down they seem alot louder. Im just having some fun with them. I had to fabricate most of them myself since Kooks is no help. Don't buy the Kooks side pipes by the way unless you are willing to do what I did and redesign the things. The bends are wrong and they left no room for adjustments. Here are the two vids I did today. Compare that to stock.
Did you have any exhaust disc installed in your YouTube video, or was that running without them. If you had disc installed, what size disc was installed? I am currently running the 3/4 disc on my Boss. Thanks for all of your hard work prototyping these side pipes!
No disc installed at all. They are loud. Maybe to loud for some. It sounds more like a race car to me. That is what I wanted. Yesterday driving around for the first time with the pipes I got so many comments and thumbs up. Its an attention getter for sure. If you wanted you could quite it down some with the various disc sizes. The sound really bounces of of thing now that they point outward. Makes it louder when you step on the pedal, or even at idle.
Thanks Steve. When and if these ever come to market I will be buying a set. I will have to drive it with the various disc sizes to fine tune the sound that I am looking for and am comfortable with, as well as what L.E. may allow! Hope they come up with some nice heat shields to go along with the package as well.
My Boss is louder with the discs out than my Evo was with the straight cat back (the turbo works almost like a muffler), with the Evo I got bad looks from LE. With the Boss I get thumbs up from them. Sort of like Harleys vs import bikes. Personally I'm not too worried about LE, and with the slotted baffles I made I can pop them in by just cracking the bolts if I go on a road trip or to the track. So at some point I'm either going to fab or buy more aggressive side pipes.
Thanks. They sound even better in person. Especially when the Lopez idle kick in. Although if I had it to do over I wouldn't buy from kooks. I highly discourage anyone else from doing so. They will be available elsewhere very soon. Kooks made them wrong and wouldn't correct the problem. I spoke to them again yesterday about it and they want me to show them how to fix them. I said I don't work for free just like you don't. Then they got angry and told me that ford must have put the h pipe on upside down. That's a good one huh. Anyway it was a very bad experience all around. But I like the end result on the boss.
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