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Anyone put smoked tint on thier Boss?

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I have been browsing American Muscle and found a few things that I beleive will make my 2013 PW Boss look better. So far all the pics I have found were on GT's or V6's. Does anyone have pics of the smoked tint for the tailights, side marker, and quarter marker on a Boss? I would like to know how closely they match the black stripe. Especially on a PW.

Now comes the technical question......I live close to a tint shop. If I was to swing by and pick up some scrap pieces of dark window tint, would that essentially be the same thing once I cut to correct size? Or would it not let enough light out of the window tint? Of course I would use all the same film scraps if I went that route to save a few dollars.

Here are a few links to the products I am talking about.
drano38 said:
I put these on the headlights.
Used the lighter Tint shade.
Looks nice on the RR, and keeps them from getting rock chipped.
I rarely drive at night, so not concerned with slightly less bright lights.

Those in gunsmoke look like they could work quite well. Now comes the "rookie" the 12 headlights the same size as the 13? the website says 10-12. Not sure from looking at pics if the headlights are an exact match.
BossLady82 said:
I am really happy with the smoked tint. Looks great and was super easy to put on. For all the markers and third brake light it only took me maybe a half hour.

That looks very good. Was not keen on the idea but I think it looks excellent.

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