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And so it begins. Within its first year of running ARCHETYPE RACING is cranking out S550 specific swan neck wings. And not only that, this wing will hold a Patent for its hinge operation.

5 axis machined billet aluminum and 17-4 stainless steel abounds in these uprights. Hundreds of hours of design and engineering, in the uprights alone. Everything was thought through. Created in Solidworks. Looked at from every angle. Scrutinized.

The uprights are machined, anodized, and placed back in the mill for post machining. Everything is on another order of magnitude, when it comes to execution.

This is the stuff that happens when you’re confined for months and have ample time to think. I finally have a chance to flex the Aerospace Engineering and Aerospace Propulsion degrees.

Below is a quick video of the operation of the SPECTRE’s hinge. One of my goals with this project was to hide all of the fasteners and the most obvious fastener looks like a design feature. When, in fact, it’s a proprietary sun drive. Oh, there’s that. I came up with my own drive, too. One of the hundreds available didn’t suit me.

More to come on this. I’ll get some pictures posted of the full uprights in all their glory. The CFD data and renderings will also follow suit, very soon.
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The positioning of the SPECTRE was absolutely dictated by airflow over the car from 80-130, which, from several AIM data sources, is the speed range in which the GT350 spends most of its time. I really wanted to key in on the meaty part of the bell curve. May as well maximize the wing to operate within those parameters. A quick glance, and you will notice the wing sits at right about the height of a GT4's wing. Right in the downdraft of airflow coming over the roof and back glass. This also allows for very little drag penalty. Sure, it could sit higher. More of the GT250 height, but you would begin to incur more drag, when it's really not needed to meet the DF to Drag goals. Where the SPECTRE really begins to elevate on the GT4's design is the span, 72" and the chord of 11". Then, add to that, it's a swan neck, and you have 5.5 sq/ft of effective low pressure area, and you're off to the races. Figuratively and literally.

Spectre 6(1).jpg

Spectre 5(1).jpg

Spectre 4(1).jpg

Spectre 3(1).jpg

Spectre 2(1).jpg

Side Downwash.JPG


Top View.JPG
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Photos!! This is a SPECTRE QUANTUM swan neck wing with forged carbon fiber 3D end plates and airfoil. The uprights are 6061 T6 billet aluminum, anodized in satin black, then post machined to bring out the machined highlights. It’s all functional and designed to flow with the S550 body lines, while also leveraging the over the roof airflow with its broad 72” span and 11” chord. The airfoil’s leading edge sits about 10” off the car’s deck lid.













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Uh, pretty sure that will win races just standing still ----------------unbelievably sinister and beautiful Blue Machined Beast!!
Bill, I feel it's a perfect balance of function and form. To me, aero, by nature should look sleek and fast sitting still.

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