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I called Tony up and told him that I’m changing his original order of a Track Brawler to the new TEMPEST V2. He was like “Wait, what?” “Trust me.” I told him. “If you’re going big aero with the INFINITY GAUNTLET, you’ll need to level up to this front splitter.”
The TEMPEST design comes hot on the heels of the new LANCER that I’m running on my personal car. It’s a middle ground between the EVOLUTION and the VALKYRIE designs. All of which are now available with proprietary Delignit.
TEMPEST is basically a LANCER with a revised wind fence to give it 1:1 overall size. It sacrifices nothing to the GT350R designed splitters. The revised wind fence, conforming to the standard GT350’s, gives the TEMPEST so much more attitude. It looks bigger than it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still big, but it’s not any bigger than the LANCER I street/track drive on my car. And with the Delignit, scraping isn’t an issue. You have, literally, the best scraping material available on the bottom of the splitter.
This splitter uses all of the same OEM mount points with two chassis mounted billet aluminum support rods for added support. If you’re are serious HPDE or AutoX driver with a standard GT350 front splitter and you’re ready for more. The TEMPEST is what you’re looking for. This is the same bulletproof material used throughout the ARCHETYPE RACING splitter line. It won’t crack, shatter, split, etc. It remains ultra-lightweight, while still being incredibly strong.

-photos below of Tony’s TEMPEST and my LANCER for comparison.







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