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Are you keeping your boss stock?

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Just wondering if some people were and maybe get the reasoning for it.

I had big plans of supercharging mine but here recently I have been thinking about leaving it stock. I do know it would save me a lot of money.
I've done many modifications to mine but not the engine. Other than TracKey my engine will stay stock for the near term but Shaun at AED is wearing me down. ;)
I've done some things that make it a better daily driver for myself. I'm with 5 dot 0 on the engine things.

Honestly, I love the car the way it is, I think that I'm probably done fiddling with it.
I can't afford to change mine since I drive it daily. My gas bill in March was $600. I think I will eventually start driving it less and then start doing some simple mods to the suspension. I am waiting for all of the dust to settle on what mods are the best or at least the ones I can afford.
I'm keeping mine basically stock. The only thing I'm changing out are simple bolt-ons, like wheels, steering wheel, shift knob, etc. Part of the reason is that in 25 years when I shouldn't be driving any more, the Boss might be worth some money. But mainly the reason is that this car is really so good right out of the box. I'll probably cave and swap out the shifter at some point, but for me and my non-track use, I'm very satisfied as-is.


I thought before I got the car I would keep it stock. That plan lasted until I got the car....


Relapsed Turbo Addict
Funny, I was just talking about this with my racing buddies the other day. I'm hearing not so good things about tuning with the Coyote motors (at least for now) so I'm a little sheepish about doing big mods to the motor. But on that same note the whole point of this car is to track it...and when you start to get into 600+ rwhp (with a SC), there is a point where there is "too much" power and it upsets the balance of the car.

My plans are to work on suspension bits and weight reduction, possibly some bolt on engine parts. Back when I had my S2000 I did very little to the motor as it was basically at 98% potential from the it seems to be the case with the Boss.


#LS-378 - So many Porsche's, so little time....
+1 - some nice suspension upgrades and some weight reduction is all this car needs to kill most other cars on the track in the DE world.


Relapsed Turbo Addict
PeteInCT said:
+1 - some nice suspension upgrades and some weight reduction is all this car needs to kill most other cars on the track in the DE world.

Oh...and cooling mods. I have a base Boss so did the trans scoop, brake ducts, and looking into true oil cooler solutions.


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I was going to keep it stock or atleast thats what I told the GF the day I bought it. if you look at my sig you can see that plan failed. I plan to do more to it.

Future plans are a centerforce DYAD clutch
Kooks long tube headers
Paxton novi 2200
T-56 XL if the centerforce doesnt fix what ales the trans.
Lots of other things.

The plan is to not do anything I cannot undo. I am keeping all the parts I take off.


except for taking the plates out recently (and they are going to go back in) STOCK......BONE STOCK......THE WAY HENRY BUILT IT!
VWGTI123 said:
100% Stock - Even left the little air bag warning tag attached to the glovebox.

hahaha mine is still there as well.

so far I've changed to 5/8" exhaust discs, which i dont really consider modifying.
i do want to upgrade the brakes, suspension, wheels, and tires.. and possibly the shifter.


2013 SBY #0750
Ford did a great job with this car....great. Other than the shifter,which I think Ford missed the boat,its really a fantastic car. I had the red key installed,took out the exhaust plates,sound tube delete,MGW shifter install with a Hurst pistol grip and ajusted the shocks to 4 all around. Thats it for me.......I think?!

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